Our community is founded on the principles of mutual respect and solidarity of purpose: to honor ourselves, our families and our daily work. We welcome a diversity of values and ideas. This will be our greatest strength and the source of our creativity and inspiration. With that in mind, we kindly welcome all who act to uphold the integrity of our community.

Join our pledge to:



Welcome newcomers openly.

Embrace change.

Encourage each other to take bold steps.

Contribute to the development of ideas.

Express opinions with honesty.

Respect viewpoints different from our own.

Seek and initiate collaborations.

Deliver on promises.

Celebrate progress.

Share setbacks.

Resolve disagreements offline one-to-one, if possible face-to-face.

Be accountable for fair play.

Voice recommendations to improve interactions.

Listen with an open mind.

Cultivate curiosity and seek opportunities.

Our pledge is the underlying fabric of our community. We hold this space together. We will help one another stay true to our intent. Any disturbances will be addressed directly. The inability to adhere to our pledge will result in removal from our community.


We'd love to hear from you

MAMAGORA Association

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Account Number: 15-66602-3

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