Concept & Business Developer

I add spark to whatever the message is you want to get across

Since our move to Zurich, I do copywriting work, develop concepts and take action to establish local presence of the creative communication agency that I co-founded and ran together with my sister back in Belgium where I have my roots.   While producing branded video content for Clementine, I got to discover the wonderful world of filmmaking and its diverse bunch of inspiring creatives. With a business mindset, I see possibilities, build connections and empower people to create amazing things together.
My educational background is in Business Management and Mandarin Chinese. The food industry is where I kicked of my career, more specifically in frozen fruits and vegetables, hence my infinite passion and quite extensive knowledge about healthy foods. Although this may also be influenced by my diabetes (type 1). Staying fit is another thing I do to control my sugars. Other than that, my free time goes to photography, learning languages, and the newest form of expressive art I got into: Impro theatre.
Last but not least – I have three – so time-consuming yet truly fantastic – children, two yoga mats and one husband.

Skills: building teams, business development, Communication, communication strategy, digital marketing, Marketing, and Visual communication.

Capacities: 10-15 hours/week.

Availabilities: Afternoon and Morning.

Author: Lieselot Dejonghe

Locations: ZH Zürich.