Change & Project Manager

Busting out of my corporate comfort zone and venturing into the entrepreneurial space

Born in the UK, with roots and past scattered over various countries I am a wanderer by heart however settled in Switzerland many years ago.

Simply said I’m a mother, a friend, a traveler, an energetic and positive individual who loves design, nature and all things creative. I’ve spent the past 20 years working in different environments nevertheless always focused on bringing people together to work on a common goal. I motivate and inspire others and push them to think out of the box, then organise, track and communicate to ensure we stay on track and execute effectively to achieve our vision.

I’m passionately practical, solution focused and strive to bring value to the world. Life is currently straddling freelancing in the corporate world whilst at the same time initiating a dive into the entrepreneurial environment in a quest to bring about faster changes, benefits and value. I’m excited about the network of individuals I have met and will meet along this quest and eager to enrich my knowledge and experience.

The additional plus to this new set up is that it allows me a more flexible schedule to enjoy the simple things in life such as spending quality time with the family and friends as well as picking up the camera again. Fabulous!

Skills: Change Management, Communication, Creativity, Empathy, execution, Ideation, Problem solving, project management, talent management, and Vision.

Capacities: 10-15 hours/week.

Availabilities: Afternoon, Evening, and Morning.

Author: Rebecca Teague

Locations: ZG Zug and ZH Zürich.