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My name is Sarah. I am a mum with a small business and I would like to build a women network in Ticino. It would be a good way to meet interesting and creative women, to support each other and why not to create some collaboration.
In a second way it would be great to help women who have a project to create their own business.

I need some location in Ticino ( Lugano, Mendrisio area) where I could organize meetings, workshops, breakfast…Places where we could exchange a lot of ideas and opinions.

I am looking for professional figures like life coach, social network expert, branding expert, web designers and designers.

I am looking for women who would like to join and participate in this project.


Thanks a lot!



Project Category: Project.

Project Tags: community.

Author: Sarah Overthemoon

Locations: TI Ticino.

Email: sarah@overthemoonboxes.com

Phone: 0797694104