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Shaping educational spaces together with NAHtur - the association for interior design in schools

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“Show me how you build, and I’ll tell you who you are.” (Christian morning star)

We want to acquire spaces in educational institutions and make them more natural, individual, functional and sustainable.

We want to create an atmosphere of encounter and togetherness.

We want to create a personal, relaxed and learning environment.


Together with YOU we want to create “healthy spaces”, because our environment has a direct influence on our learning and working, our mood and well-being. And with our participative design process we promote identification with the institution!


WHAT do we design?

We design all rooms with a focus on the functional zones for work/learning/play, encounter, relaxation and movement.

WHERE do we design?

We design the rooms in educational institutions. Primarily in schools, but also in kindergartens, day nurseries and socio-educational institutions.

HOW does this design process look like?

We divide the individual design into the process steps “getting to know”, “rough analysis”, “inspiration”, “detailed analysis”, “recommendations”, “clarifications”, “implementation” and “project completion”.

This results in the following products: the implemented interior design… a report for analysis, various inspiration boards and recommendations, a clarification documentation, as well as a final project report.

And WHO helps to design?

We of the association NAHtur design the rooms together with you. So with children/youth, teachers, kindergarten teachers, care personnel, school social workers, curative educators, care directors, school management, authorities and YOU the parents.



If you think your kid goes to a school that could need some nice self-made interior design, talk to the teacher and school principal about NAHtur and get in touch with us.

Get involved, become am member and design together with us.

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Author: NAHdenken

Locations: ZH Zürich.


Phone: 079 407 26 66