MamaMon - a guardian angel to protect your angel.

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Common scenario :
“My kid started using Social Media and the Internet and I am worried as a mom to what content might be exposed.”

Well we have a solution for that !

It is natural to be protective with our kids, especially with Internet nowadays.

So here comes MamaMon, a simple mini-application, for Windows that runs in the background keeping a log on which sites a kid is visiting, and what is being typed. This way, a mindful mother can asynchronously check this activity and have a piece of mind regarding her kid’s actions and interactions on the Internet.

MamaMon is born.

We want your ideas to better conceptualise and implement the above idea.
There is a prototype available, still needs some work for it to be usable.

So, any feedback is appreciated !!!

Project Category: Project.

Project Tags: children, internet, and safety.

Author: Andy Andy

Locations: ZH Zürich.