Kids into the future

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Funaniland is a real interactive city scaled to needs of children with roads, vehicles, buildings, cars and its own currency. Each building is a location for different job profile. Each profession is presented in a workshop which is tailor-made for the respective age group.

Funaniland is a platform that allows children to experience a variety of different jobs available in Switzerland, which prepares children to understand the contexts of society and economy and supports them to discover their interests & strengths

Target Group:
Children from 4 to 14 years

By linking education and entertainment to provide insights on different professions and engaging children in role play

More information is available on our first-set-up homepage
We are looking for like minded people who are willing to implement this concept to the swiss market and needs.

Please reach out to us, if you have experience and working background in:
– Architecture/Design
– Education of Children
– Marketing
– Sales
– Business Development
– Finance
– Judiciaries
– Eventmanagement
– Domestic / Hotel management

Looking forward hearing/reading from you.

Project Category: Project.

Project Tags: childcare, children, education, edutainment, familyfirst, and future.

Author: Funaniland

Locations: LU Lucerne and ZH Zürich.