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a coworking space with onsite childcare

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With “Family Affairs” I’d like to support the merging of work and family. Since I became a mother, I am constantly asking myself how to do justice to both. Many find themselves in the same position. Both parents work and there is hardly a network of family to regularly rely on even though we live in a time when these problems can so easily be solved.

That’s why I dream of Family Affairs – a place where parents can work and children can play. A working day without detours, without goodbyes and without a bad conscience.

Imagine a family, maybe even your own. Imagine leaving home together in the morning without being stressed. When you arrive at Family Affairs, your child joyfully runs to the playgroup whilst you still enjoy a coffee in the common area and greet the others. The common area is one of the three areas at Family Affairs alongside the childcare (Kita) space and the office area. Here, some work is already underway. You can take part in the morning singing- on elf the many parent and child activities. The pedagogical KITA concept, led by experts, will include daily activities where parents can join in with their children.
Then, your working day starts. It’s important to Family Affairs, that your work environment is a productive one. Included in the modern open plan office, there will also be separate meeting rooms and quiet zones.
Everyone who comes to work here, has a similar goal- it’s about closing the gap between career and family, creating flexibility and independence – and this results in a productive working environment.
The day offers many possibilities. You can divide up between work and free time as it suits you. Family Affairs supports you with the implementation and ensures that within the flexibility there is also the necessary stability.
This stability also also includes a communal lunch which is a central point in the parent/child program. Taking time to eat together is part of a healthy food culture and an important daily ritual. Rituals are very important for children. Through them, we give the children stability and help them to find their way in an ever changing world. Some rituals form part of our community and others are very individual. In this way, it’s possible that a father who only works a half a day a week at Family Affairs, can take some time to work on a project together with his child.
I firmly believe in this project. It is without a doubt, that there are advances in flexible working options, where work is not restricted to place or time. This opens up not only a space for a new way of childcare, it also allows for a more balanced and integrated family life.
Are you, like me,  willing to accept “either or” when the possibility to have both exists?

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