Spending time with kids during the Corona crisis. Here are some tips.

The world is a weird place to live in right now. I’m quite sure that we can expect a baby boom, maybe more divorces and tons of pasta salad at any party after this is over. :-) I guess we all need to adjust and stay as normal as we can. It is not easy for any of us. It is extremely difficult to rearrange our whole work schedule, routine and having the kids at home can be quite overwhelming too. Probably, we need to re-evaluate our plan from time to time but at least we are trying, aren’t we? I’d like to ask you all to help each other out by sharing your coping methods, ideas and maybe your services online that could be beneficial for this community. Join us and share at I’d love for you to share: How could you make the most out of this period of time? What are the positive things that this could bring you and your family? You are also welcome to share your concerns and anger, business struggles and whatever comes to mind regarding this situation. I’m also happy to share a post with you from Facebook that might be useful for many of you spending a lot of time with your kids. Online resources: - BrainPop - Curiosity Stream - Tynker - Outschool - Udemy - iReady - Beast Academy (Math) - Khan Academy - Creative Bug - Discovery Education YouTube Channels: - Crash Course Kids - Science Channel - SciShow Kids - National Geographic Kids - Free School - Geography Focus - TheBrainScoop - SciShow - Kids Learning Tube - Geek Gurl Diaries - Mike Likes Science - Science Max - SoulPancake Lots of board games, library books (a