Parents at Work

You might be a #stayathomeparent who is looking for a job after spending some time at home with your kid(s) or a #workingparent who is constantly struggling with keeping the balance between your career and family life or a #hiringmanager who has concerns about employing a mother. There are certain problems and challenges in all of these situations and WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT IT! It is my personal belief, that in order to solve any issues and lead a change, we need to sit down, listen, talk, try to understand each other and make an effort to come up with possible solutions. #MAMAGORA joined forces with parents@work and started such a #dialogue event yesterday at Impact Hub Zürich.

We talked about what it means to #employparents for #startups, what happens when your co-founder says she’s expecting a baby, or your partner says he needs more time with his family, how we can address these topics and how we can set healthy boundaries in such a fast-paced environment. We'd like to thank