Career Relaunch 2019

There are currently 85000 #mothers in #Switzerland with different backgrounds, talents, and skillsets who are ready to get back to work. A lot of these women have a really hard time to find a job after spending a certain amount of time staying at home with their children. There is no question that a lot needs to be changed in our society and in the workforce. There are certain initiatives existing already to provide a solution for this social, economic, and nerve-wracking #challange.

Today, we got the chance to participate in the "Career Relaunch 2019" conference. We definitely need more dialogue like this on this very complex topic. It is crucial to #collaborate to create mutually beneficial, #sustainable integration programs, #jobs, #opportunities, better #worklifebalance, and #genderequality that can truly bring a change on a larger scale. Thank you for Patricia Widmer, Simon Wey, Natalie Lerch-Pieper, Dr. Anina Hille, Evelin Bermudez, Sarah Lenz, Simon D., Evalotta (Lotta) Pettersson, Judith Leuenberger, Magali Böckem, Rebecca Schraner, Rachel Roth-Huber, Nisha Chopra, Ina Rhöös, Bernadette Höller, Paola Falce, Bianca-Janina Kux, Helena Trachsel, Gudrun Sander, Paul Nagel, Martijn Roseboom for introducing their programs and sharing their opinion and vision with us.

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