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MAMAGORA is building a community that will lead the change for working mothers to take action together to redefine our contribution to work, to choose how we strike the balance between work and home in order to keep our families intact, and ultimately revolutionize the workplace.

Together we empower mothers to find community, make deep connections, gain confidence, access tools and take the decisive first step to journey beyond self-discovery into meaningful work.

Choice.  We believe that family managers ought to have the autonomy to set their own priorities and employ their talents in alignment with their values. Striking the right balance between engagement with the workforce and responsibilities and commitment to family is deeply personal.  There is no right or wrong.


Community.  We want to harness the power of the collective to dream up more diverse and compelling options in the workplace.  Searching for meaningful work is often solitary.  Why not connect with others facing similar challenges to create solutions that make sense for our lives as well as suit the needs of the market.


Capabilities. We have a deep bench of soft and hard skills stemming from our learnings in rearing our children which nicely complements our own professional experience and educational training. Our resumes may not follow a linear path but the divergent paths we have taken carry value.


Contentment.  Finding harmony across our many spheres of interaction is essential for our ability to sustain these endeavors.  We make our best contributions when we are well nurtured physically and mentally. Setting boundaries and respecting them is the best example we can share with the next generation.

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