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Read about the types of membership here.



This membership is for everyone and gives access to:

– Create and join projects


– Look for and post jobs


– Create and join groups


– Promote and join events


– Post and read blogs


– Discuss and share thoughts


– Find services


– Build a professional network


From 50 CHF / Year

This membership is for individuals and gives access to:

– Enjoy all the benefits from the Standard Membership


– Support our mission in gender equality


– Be part of our special Supporter Group on our website and want to play an active role in our community.


– Attend to MAMAGORA “Only for Supporters events”.


– Receive a discount on certain events


– Participate in special Workshops


– Get an invitation to the annual Partners and Supporters event


– Get a recognition on our website


From 25 CHF / Month

This membership is for business owners and gives access to:

– Enjoy all the benefits from the Standard Membership


– Promote your business


– Get discounts on advertising


– Connect with your customers


– Connect with other business owners


– Get visibility through advertising, blogging, or profiling


Once in a while, we stumble upon businesses that strive to change society for the better – and yet face such economic challenges that they can’t pay for our business partnership. In these individual evaluated cases, MAMAGORA will offer a business membership 1 year for free to help the business get started.

If you are in such a position, let us know and we’ll look at your case and decide.


We enjoy collaborating with businesses and associations that also strive to change society for the better. Our impact on the world around us will always be greater when we support each other.

So give us a shout and we’ll talk about a possible partnership.