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You might not have a business going yet. But you are full of ideas and perhaps even have a great project going. Let the MAMAGORA community know about your idea or project if you want other members to join your venture or you need help or support. Or use this area to search for an idea or a project that you can join or support.

Every idea or project automatically creates a group where you can share and work on your ideas and projects with other members.


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Funaniland is a real interactive city scaled to needs of children with roads, vehicles, buildings, cars and its own currency. Each building is a location for different job profile. Each profession is presented in a workshop which is tailor-made for the respective age group. Funaniland is a platform that allows children to experience a variety […]

Fair-trade handicrafts

”Nuri Umed” is a female lead NGO based in Tajikistan working on the project for social integration of single women-“Women, Land, Life”. The project takes a holistic and conflict-sensitive approach to the social, economic and legal inclusion of marginalized women (in particular single women and their children). It provides knowledge, tools, inputs, and opportunities with […]

Family Affairs

With “Family Affairs” I’d like to support the merging of work and family. Since I became a mother, I am constantly asking myself how to do justice to both. Many find themselves in the same position. Both parents work and there is hardly a network of family to regularly rely on even though we live […]

New Mothers Support Group

I am looking for people to help me grow this network, as parents, innovators, support team, cheerleaders etc. Building a network of people to help grow community for new parents. I am looking for other professionals to offer their services, just as much as for those who would like to support, team up or be […]

Women Network in Ticino -D come Donne-

My name is Sarah. I am a mum with a small business and I would like to build a women network in Ticino. It would be a good way to meet interesting and creative women, to support each other and why not to create some collaboration. In a second way it would be great to […]

Cafe and Community Gathering Space – Zurich Silver Coast

We are three hardworking ladies hoping to bring a community center cafe to the Silver Coast. We are looking for help with the following: 1. Verein formation 2. Location Scouting – for our permanent home 3. Help with researching required laws and practices of food prep 4. Connections to food and supplies suppliers 5. Grant […]


Common scenario : “My kid started using Social Media and the Internet and I am worried as a mom to what content might be exposed.” Well we have a solution for that ! It is natural to be protective with our kids, especially with Internet nowadays. So here comes MamaMon, a simple mini-application, for Windows […]

NAHtur – interior design

“Show me how you build, and I’ll tell you who you are.” (Christian morning star) We want to acquire spaces in educational institutions and make them more natural, individual, functional and sustainable. We want to create an atmosphere of encounter and togetherness. We want to create a personal, relaxed and learning environment. WHY? Together with […]