NAHdenken Thinktank


NAHdenken is a thought-provoking think-tank and a social business that invites discourse on family-related topics.We help people to achieve a better self -and family awareness which forms the basis for an adequate self- and family management. As a social business we offer relevant services selectively that fit the specific needs of (working) parents and family-friendly companies and organization.

Andrea Dubach: Psychologist, Trainer Soft Skills & Coach

I have 18 years of professional experience in the financial sector on the one hand and in the social-psychological field on the other. The merging of the self-, social, leadership and professional competences acquired in this way is reflected in my career. The current range of roles extends from Senior Change/Project/Process Leader, SAFe Program Consultant and Communications Officer to Seminar Leader & Trainer, Psychologist and Coach. As a coach, I support the development of a self-confident, resilient and thus (appearing) strong (leadership) personality. Since I myself am a working mother of almost 8-year-old triplets, I am also consciously and committed to empowering women in companies.

I am convinced that people are the most important resource of a successful company. By valuing its uniqueness I would like to help uncover potentials that can be used sustainably in everyday (working) life. True to the motto “uniqueness is what distinguishes us”.

Andreas Dubach: Teacher, Project Manager & Coach

I am the founder of the social enterprise NAHdenken and my project focus is on the joint design of living spaces (living, working and recreation) and a healthy, social and ecological lifestyle. With “symplify” I pursue the goal of simple life.

As a seminar leader and coach, I would like to offer a development space within the framework of parental education and management consultancy in the areas of life planning and health promotion with the current focus on work-life balance and compatibility of family and career as well as family friendliness.

I believe that we need to develop an honest & healthy self and family awareness. Only on this basis can we make our everyday life more relaxed with the help of supportive management tools.