Marketing Waters

I’m Andrea and within my company Marketing Waters, I’m an independent Marketing Strategist based in Zurich helping starting entrepreneurs and startups tailor and grow their business by building an effective marketing strategy (overall incl. digital) with a strong focus on bringing high value to your customers.

You decided to start your own business for a reason, whether it’s your need for more flexibility because you’re now a mom/dad (like it was one of main reasons in my case 🙂 ) , or because you ended up bored and unfulfilled with your last job.

I’m here to help you make the successful start to kicking off your own business journey that you’re for sure excited about but yes, can be a little scary, too, as there is a lot of new ahead! My motivation is to help you successfully establish an enjoyable, viable business that brings high value to your customers while giving you financial security.

I’m also a big believer in – If you’re serious about your business, then marketing is not a nice-to-have.

Always happy to first just informally talk over coffee about what you need help with and then you see what’s your next step.

More about how I can help or to connect, see my Linkedin profile.

Happy to hear from you via MAMAGORA, Linkedin or




I also organize a Meetup group “Entrepreneurs and Startups in Zurich” to provide casual, regular meetups of like-minded people who need tips on how to solve their various challenges in their entrepreneurial or startup businesses or just to listen, connect and network. You’re welcome to join us at any of the meetups! More info on upcoming meetups here. You find the events also in MAMAGORA Events.