Cornelia Dahinten

Bringing Teams, families, couples and  individuals to balance really is my passion. As a lack of balance is what causes breakdown and conflict and prevents deep and authentic connection.

I focus on the ability to create safe authenticity at home and at the workplace, authenticity that will enable connections, balance and the ability to thrive and soar.

With corporate teams I am working with the” conscious team tool” I have created to eradicate codependent team structures and conflict, to step up and outperform. See the true soul of the team to optimise performance.

When focusing on private connections, I support couples outgrowing conflict and codependence, to learn to build a deeply connecting relationship that is able to co-create their life vision.

For families I have developed a parent program  the “Conscious Parenting Training” combining, neuroscience, developmental psychology, communication strategies and attachment trauma healing to create a breeding space to be the parent you truly want to be.

I am always looking to find people and businesses to co-create something with.

Conscious Connections is what I am hoping to create with businesses, individuals and communities. Do contact me if you would like to explore how we can soar together …..