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    We are looking for locations on the Zurich Silver Coast, with access via public transport and parking. It needs to have bright indoor space and outdoor space that is safe for children.

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    Lucie Tran

    Hello 🙂

    Do you have some leads already on premises for your cafe ?

    I do have some habits to check on real estate (more apartments or house and less in commercial locals) but I could check on the different websites.

    Have you already thought about what you need ?

    – square meter ?

    – rent / buy ? and how much ?

    – when do you want it ?

    – in which municipalities would you prefer to look ? etc.

    I think too that you need to be close to transportations but having an outdoor space in central areas is going to be difficult.

    What could be useful is to check on local newspapers too and directly walkind around the streets to check on avaibility of locals.

    Let me know your thoughts !


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