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We are thrilled that you consider supporting our mission. We do our best - with your help - to use your hard-earned money to serve the community, maintaining our platform, organize events and create the best circumstances for the people in the community to achieve their goals.


We'd also like to support women who are in a difficult situation, therefore, we have decided to give 10% of your donation to organizations that are helping women and children.

The organizations we'll support:

1. Action for Women (November 5th, 2019 - April 5th, 2019)

You can also donate by making a direct transfer to our account:

MAMAGORA Association

c/o The Hub Association, Sihlquai 131.,8005 Zürich

Account Number: 15-66602-3
IBAN: CH46 0900 0000 1506 6602 3

Would you like to get involved in another way? 

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