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My Happy Home

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I can help you simplify and declutter your home so you can focus on what matters most



Zürich (ZH)





The KonMari Method™ - Tidy Your Home and Create a Space and Life You’ll Love!


Do you feel overwhelmed with stuff and chaos and don’t know where to start? Are you longing for a place to call your own haven of harmony? Are you ready to simplify your home and your life?

With my help and guidance you will learn more about the famous KonMari Method™, brought to the world by Marie Kondo, a Japanese tidying expert. You will be introduced to tips and tricks on how to tackle your own clutter and start living a happier, simpler and lighter life that truly Sparks Joy! You will learn how to maximise functionality and minimise clutter, forever.

Helena Zachariassen is a certified KonMari Consultant and Lifestyle Coach, founder of Switzerland’s first KonMari and Lifestyle Coaching Consultancy -My Happy Home. She is passionate about empowering and inspiring people of any walk of life by organising their living spaces according to the KonMari Method™ by simply choosing joy.

Having her roots in Finland, the nordic country of pure, quiet and beautiful wilderness, and being deeply inspired by nature, beauty and simplicity, Helena lovingly encourages and supports her clients in transforming their homes into havens of serenity. Helena is a mother of 2 and speaks 5 languages.

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