Photographer and a multitool

I am a recent mom. A head full of ideas. A visual artist. A trained Biologist with a degree in Neuroscience and an artist at heart. Experienced in marketing, social media, event planning, catering, photography, teaching and a bunch of random things. I love life and respect nature. On a personal mission to improve our […]

Concept & Business Developer

Since our move to Zurich, I do copywriting work, develop concepts and take action to establish local presence of the creative communication agency that I co-founded and ran together with my sister back in Belgium where I have my roots.   While producing branded video content for Clementine, I got to discover the wonderful world […]

Intercultural FacilitatorCoach

I am a passionate entrepreneurial spirit, committed to helping people improving their performance, driving creativity, innovation and business results. I am a licensed Intercultural Facilitator and Research Analyst, specialised in the areas of Research, Intercultural Communication and International Human Resource Management. My purpose is to improve Individual and Diverse Team Performance through Training and Development, […]

Online trainer

Hi there! I’m Iva. After ticking a few boxes in my professional development (making a career in international companies and setting up and running two companies) I became a Mom and started to look for ways to organise my work life around my new priorities. There are three things that give me the energy to […]

Change & Project Manager

Born in the UK, with roots and past scattered over various countries I am a wanderer by heart however settled in Switzerland many years ago. Simply said I’m a mother, a friend, a traveler, an energetic and positive individual who loves design, nature and all things creative. I’ve spent the past 20 years working in […]

English Language Coach

Hi there, I’m Vera, founder and owner of ProEnglish, a highly personalised English language coaching experience service. This is an online 1-2-1 coaching format; in some cases, in-person coaching is possible as well. I founded ProEnglish in 2010 with the vision and mission of helping high-level professionals discover their unique voice in English in a […]

Danish Rhetorician

An experienced Communication Specialist who particularly enjoys working with strategic assessment and visual communication. Strong skills in web communication and writing, and a professional graduate from The University of Copenhagen.  I’m a founding member of MAMAGORA, I do freelance assignments, I do voluntary skill-based work for Red Cross Zürich, and I’m currently writing a book.   Articles […]